Bethany Beach Woman Builds On Family Legacy Of Builders

Published in The Washington Times

BETHANY BEACH, Del. (AP) – From picking up garbage at homes created by her father to her own series on the DIY Network, Marnie Oursler’s story weaves together a family legacy of builders.
“It’s all just been so incredible,” Oursler said. “I think, right now, my career is heading in a way that I always saw it going, but the show is something I never saw coming.”
Now in its first season on the DIY Network, “Big Beach Builds” focuses on Oursler’s renovation business, Marnie Custom Homes, and her extravagant projects in the Delaware beach area.
Oursler was born into a family of builders, from her great-great-grandfather on. Working hands-on at her father’s builds in the D.C. area, Oursler ultimately moved to Bethany Beach, her family’s favored vacation spot, in 2003. The next year, while working in real estate, she built her first home, for herself. Then, in 2006 a second, and in 2007, Marnie Custom Homes came to life.
“She’s always been a go-getter,” said Marvin Oursler, Marnie’s father and owner of Marrick Homes in Frederick, Maryland. “She’s always found a way to learn something from every place she’s been and use that knowledge to build her own business.”

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