Bethany builder hosts HGTV pilot

Published in Cape Gazette

Bethany Beach-based custom home builder Marnie Oursler will be bringing national attention to coastal Delaware when HGTV premieres the pilot episode of her new show, Big Beach Builds, Friday Feb. 5.

“One episode will take you from how the beach house looks in the beginning to the end, which is the big reveal,” Oursler said. “It’s a neat transformation.”

The 37-year-old builder has been building big beach houses since she relocated from Washington, D.C,. to Delaware after college. Oursler, a graduate of Duke University’s MBA program, began assembling an impressive resume after she renovated her first home in 2003 and built her first new home in 2005. She has since been credited with building the first environmentally-friendly LEED-certified home in Delaware.

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