Building a dream by the ocean

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Hollywood, MD – For generations, the men in Marnie Oursler’s family have been builders. Oursler grew up in Prince George’s County and lived briefly in Northern Virginia before her family moved to Calvert County. The 1996 Northern High School graduate had plenty to keep herself occupied. “I played a lot of sports,” she recalled. The family trade also kept her busy, as she worked at various construction sites with her uncles and brother, Chris. “I pretty much did everything,” Oursler recalled, listing pouring concrete, digging trenches and carpentry as some of the tasks she performed. While it was clear building homes was part of the family DNA, Oursler admitted that at the time, “I didn’t love it. It’s not something I’d thought I’d do.” Being part of a fifth generation of building Ourslers did not figure in her blueprint for life.

After high school, Oursler spent a year at the Naval Academy before transferring to East Carolina University, attending on a softball scholarship. After college she moved to Bethany Beach, DE. It was there she bought a 2-story house, an A-frame, one that she described as “a dump. It was kind of falling apart.” With a lot of help from her family and friends, Oursler had the home fixed up in seven months and sold it two months later. “I was studying the market,” she said.

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