The D.I.Y. Network comes to Delaware beaches with new show ‘Big Beach Builds’

Published in WDEL

With her out-of-the-box thinking and construction background, Marnie Oursler now has her own show on the D.I.Y. Network called Big Beach Builds.

This show takes viewers along the shores of Bethany Beach, Delaware, where Marnie and her team turn outdated Delaware beach houses into dream homes.

When Oursler was younger, she would spend her summers on the construction sights with her family. Now, she continues the family heritage with her own beach building company called ‘Marnie Custom Homes.’

“My company has a true passion for [building homes.] Everyone affiliated with my company is just as passionate in what they do, as I am. That is what I think resonates with our clients,” said Marnie Oursler. “No matter what, we will not say, ‘no, that’s not possible.’ It’s always, okay we will figure that out.”

With Marnie’s inspiring designs and her Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) attitude, she works to create everyone’s dream home.

“[My clients are] where the inspiration comes from–what they want and how they live–and once I get to know them and get to know their family, then, I get to become a part of making their dream home,” said Oursler.

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